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Keeping Your Pets Safe During Thanksgiving

Close up of Collie dog at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time to fire up the oven, gather with family and friends, and celebrate the season. You get to eat foods that you don’t normally cook and see people you might not have seen in a long time. However, Thanksgiving presents several safety hazards and can cause distress for our furry friends. Refer to these tips to make sure you’re keeping your pets safe during Thanksgiving so you can fully enjoy the day.

Know Which Foods Are Safe

Thanksgiving is largely about food, but remember that many human foods are dangerous to pets. We’re talking about bread dough, turkey bones, heavy cream, chocolate, onions, potatoes, nuts, grapes, and ham. A small chunk of turkey breast, vegetables, or raw pumpkin shouldn’t pose a problem to your pets. But it is important to remind your guests not to feed your pets. Many guests will not know which foods are bad. If you want your pet to partake in the festivities, hit the pet store and buy some treats that can be readily available during mealtime.

Secure the Trash

The smell of Thanksgiving meals cooking in the kitchen will have your pet filled with curiosity. The trash can will likely be much more appealing than usual. Pets can be extremely determined when it comes to getting something they think will be delicious. Keep the trash can closed or dispose of the trash in a covered, tightly secured trash bag in a safe spot – behind a closed door or in a closed garbage container outside. This will ensure your pets do not eat bones or food scraps that can make them sick.

Watch the Doors

When you have guests coming and going, your pet may try to make a break for it. As such, you want to create barricades, use a crate, keep your pet in a different room, or put your dog on a leash. Make sure your pet is also wearing an ID tag with your current contact information on it. With the holiday season coming into full swing, microchipping may also be something to consider.

Be Mindful of Your Decorations

Holiday décor items brighten up your space and impress your guests. However, they’re a concern for many reasons. Many of the plants and flowers found in festive decorations are highly poisonous to cats and dogs. Pets often think plants are for eating, so you must be cautious with your decor choices. Candles can easily be knocked over by curious pets leading to burns and fires. To keep your pet and home safe, skip the candles or keep a close eye on your furry companion.

Provide Your Pet With a Safe Place

Both cats and dogs can become anxious, shy, overly excited, and aggressive when new, unfamiliar people come over. Your guests may be uncomfortable and your pets may get stressed by the festivities and foot traffic. Set aside a quiet room for them and designate it like a cat or dog haven.  The room should be away from the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving festivities. Fix it up with everything they’ll need, a cozy bed, food and water bowls, litter box or a pee pad, and some toys.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

No matter how much you plan, accidents can still occur. You should always be prepared for the unexpected. Refresh your knowledge of emergency pet first aid and know the signs of pet distress. As many vet offices are closed on Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to ask your vet about their holiday hours ahead of time. Additionally, keep the location of the closest emergency vet clinic and contact numbers in an easily accessible place.

Hope you find these tips on keeping your pets safe during Thanksgiving helpful. From the Naples Coastal Animal Hospital family, we want to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day with your family and furry friends.