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Urgent Care

Urgent and Critical Care Services

Sometimes there are situations where an unforeseeable circumstance results in your pet needing to be seen by our staff without a scheduled appointment. Some examples of when your pet may need to be seen urgently are:

  • new onset vomiting or diarrhea
  • exposure to toxins or snakebites
  • injury requiring treatment or surgery
  • seizures
  • changes in general behavior, health status, or any cause of concern
  • We even provide urgent vaccinations for boarding or travel.

Our Urgent Care Services provide immediate attention for the relief of both critical and non-life threatening cases during daily business hours where most veterinary facilities are busy and emergency hospitals are not staffed.

Our trained staff will triage your sick animal in an expedited manner and stabilize and treat the ailment medically or surgically. Patients may be hospitalized throughout the day and, if requiring overnight care, we will coordinate your animal’s stable transfer to one of the area’s emergency after-hours facilities.  We know your pets can be unpredictable. When life doesn’t go as planned, take advantage of our Urgent Care Service to help keep your pets living healthier, happier, longer.