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Surgical Operations

At Naples Coastal Animal Hospital we provide a variety of routine, advanced, and emergency surgical procedures.

We perform pre-anesthetic examinations and blood work to screen for any underlying health risks prior to surgery.

We will discuss the procedure in detail explaining what to expect and how to prepare your pet preoperatively and post-operatively. We use a combination of local and general anesthetics tailored to the needs of your individual pet, and laser surgery, to provide a pain free, fear free experience. We use heated surgical tables, recovery warming units, in-house lab machines, advanced monitoring equipment, and laser surgery to provide the best and safest surgical experience for your pet.

Routine surgeries include spaying, neutering, growth removals, and declaw procedures. Advanced procedures examples are gastrostomies, enterotomies, eyelid surgeries, splenectomies, GDV bloat, cesarean sections, organ biopsies, and mass removals.

Please call us to discuss your pet’s needs and individualized surgical and anesthetic needs.