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Keep your Pet Safe During the Holidays


The holiday season brings family, parties and lots of good food. Pets are fuzzy family members and their safety is important. When people come to visit keep these foods and household items away from your pets to keep them safe and healthy.

Dangerous Foods

Many foods are dangerous and even life-threatening to your pets. Chocolate, coffee grounds, alcohol, onions, and garlic are common foods known to be hazardous but they aren’t the only ones. Tea, salt, grapes, avocado, yeast doughs, the sweetener xylitol, and Macadamia nuts can also dangerous to pets. As people gather for Thanksgiving make sure your pets aren’t overindulging and are don’t eat turkey bones. Keep dangerous foods safely out of reach and your garbage secured so your pets aren’t exposed to molds and bacteria.

Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products can be dangerous to pets and when tidying up after a party you may need to keep your pet away from the area. Cleaners containing bleach and phenols can be unsafe for your pets. Always follow the directions and if a cleaner notes it is unsafe for pets so keep them away from the cleaned area until it is dry. Keep your cleaners safely stored so your pets aren’t inadvertently exposed.

Bathroom Dangers

During the holiday season bathroom traffic increases. Visiting guests can leave medicine cabinet contents out and dogs or cats may think they’ve found a new toy. Your bathroom contains medicines and soaps that can cause illness in pets. Medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin, cold medicine, vitamins, diet pills, antihistamines (allergy treatments), antidepressants, and other prescriptions can be especially hazardous. Soap while barely lethal can cause illnesses such as diarrhea and upset stomachs in pets.

Specific Holiday Dangers

Specific holiday traditions can bring dangers of their own. Halloween candy can cause severe illness if eaten. Holiday decorations can be eaten by pets and damage their digestive tract. Home fragrances such as (pumpkin spice or apple pie) can be a danger as these nice smelling air fresheners can be poisonous for pets if consumed. Christmas decorations like mistletoe and holly can be poisonous and standing Christmas tree water can cause digestive issues if your pet drinks it.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season should be fun and not cause worries about your pet and their safety. Keeping a close eye on what your pets are eating and interacting with prevents accidents from happening. However, if an accident does occur contact your local vet or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for exact treatment information and emergency health care.