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How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Effortlessly

Brush Your Pets Teeth. Chocolate lab is ready.

Most pet owners usually have difficulties when they want to brush their pet’s teeth, but they can make the process easier. Some pets roll, squirm and buck a few times while you try to brush their teeth. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to train your pet to keep calm during teeth brushing sessions. Below are tips to help you keep your pet’s teeth healthy through brushing.

5 Tips On How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Effortlessly

1. Give Your Pet Rewards and Treats

When you want to train your pet to express desirable behavior, it helps to establish a reward and treat program to motivate your pet. Your pet will understand that it will only get a treat when on its best behavior. Through this, pets also learn the importance of obedience. They will learn they will get a reward after you complete the teeth brushing process.

For dogs and cats, try using a word or whistle as the reward sign. Pair the reward sign with a delicious treat to reinforce the positive behavior. Throughout the teeth brushing process, give the pet praise and treats. Remember to use a release command once you are done, so they know it’s over.

2. Familiarize the Pet With Proper Oral Care Provisions

Some of the supplies and tools required for pet oral care can be scary or overwhelming. So try to introduce these dental supplies gently without rushing. Start by bringing the items into the room to familiarize your pets, and then move them a bit closer. Many pet dental health kits come with various tools you can use. Start with using the finger attachment before moving onto the actual toothbrush.

3. Teach Your Pet the Sit Command

If you want to brush your pet’s teeth properly, they need to know the sit command. Teach your pet how to sit by using a reward raised above its snout. When your pet tries to follow the scent of the treat, its rear will end flat on the surface. After this action, use the reward sign to give your pet a tasty treat. With the pet in a sitting position, try increasing the sitting session until the pet can stay in one spot without getting up.

4. Ensure the Pet Has a Detailed Oral Care Plan

Pets generally don’t need frequent teeth brushing as humans, but oral care is still essential. The best time to try to brush your pet’s teeth is after mealtime in the evening. By doing this daily you can help protect your pet from bacterial problems that can cause dental disease. Removing the bacteria that often builds up on the teeth allows the prevention of cavities that cause tooth decay and further health issues.

5. Offer Ample Praise and Delicious Treats

Give your pets delicious treats after the toothbrushing sessions as a reward. These tempting treats will motivate your pets to stay still in one position until you complete the tooth brushing routine. Also, praise your pet as they remain seated throughout the toothbrushing session. Check with your vet to find the best treats for your pet.

Reach Out to your Veterinarian

While toothbrushing for pets is essential, you still have to visit a veterinarian to ensure your pet’s gums and teeth are healthy. Your veterinarian can also remove all the plaque in hard-to-access areas and perform a thorough oral examination. By utilizing the tips above with regular veterinarian checkups, you can maintain your pet’s dental health.

Naples Coastal Animal Hospital provides quality exams and procedures to help improve your pet’s dental health and fight against dental disease. Contact us today to book an appointment or ask about pet dental care.