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Pet Health_ Illnesses to Watch Out For-315

Your furry family members sometimes get sick. Pet owners can be proactive with pet health issues by learning about common conditions. These tips will help you spot any potential problems so you can promptly get your pet the care they need.

How to Help Your Pet Through a Disaster Event

You have an emergency plan for your family, but does it include your pets? Emergencies and natural disasters require a quick reaction and sound judgment. Use these tips to create an action plan that will help your pet through a disaster event.

Emergency First Aid for your Pet

No matter how attentive and cautious we are sometimes accidents happen. Learn emergency first aid for your pet fo the most common local injuries.

Naples Coastal Animal Hospital to host special Grand Opening Event! Date: Saturday Dec 2nd 12-3 pm. Address: 956 2nd Ave N, Naples, FL Please come join Dr. Sterling Sigmond and her staff for our grand opening event. Activities: Tour our new state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. View laser surgery and high definition digital x-rays. Learn about new advances […]

How to Calm Your Dog When It’s Afraid

When was the last time you were afraid? Can you remember what made you anxious? How was the experience? It must have been terrifying, right? Surprisingly, dogs also get just as anxious as humans. The following are some of the behaviors you may see when your dog is anxious: Pacing around uncontrollably Whining Tucking their […]

This week one of our clients couldn’t bring her cat in for a routine dental cleaning. Why not? Because as soon as she brought the carrier out, the cat disappeared and couldn’t be found. This is a common problem and it shouldn’t be surprising to people if you think about it. The only time cats […]

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